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We named this DVD "Those Captivating Cacti" for a very good reason.These are the most fascinating, addictive - and captivating - plants on Earth. This DVD is an excellent way to learn how to select, grow, plant, propagate and enjoy cactus. Be sure to see the companion DVD - Success With Succulents.

In Those Captivating Cacti you'll be inspired by seeing a wide variety of cactus plants in nurseries and in homes, in pots and gardens, in cultivation and in their natural habitat.

After seeing many beautiful cactus plants in diverse settings and discovering some surprising facts about the exotic cactus plant family, you'll learn about:

• the variety of environments in which you can grow your cactus plants;
• the parts of the plant that make it a cactus;
• cactus soil and potting media (and how to make your own);
• water requirements for cactus plants in containers and in the ground;
• how to select pots and how to properly pot your plants;
• fertilizers for cacti;
• cactus care requirements for both indoor cactus and outdoor cactus plants;
• light requirements and how to keep plants looking their best;
• growing environments and what to do when it turns really cold;
• four ways cacti are propagated and how you can do it inexpensively;
• how to prevent and deal with pests and diseases;
• and much more.

Below is a short excerpt from the DVD ...

People without the time, space or patience to take care of most houseplants will find cactus plants to be the perfect choice. By following a few simple rules, these plants are easy to maintain, even for people with the most basic gardening skills. You will enjoy your unique new collection of cacti which, be assured, will continue to expand over time. As we stated at the beginner, these plants are addivtive.

Those Captivating Cacti was filmed at some of the largest wholesale and best retail cacti nurseries in the United States, as well as at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, The Getty and other locations for truly inspirational images. This program is a visual treat and will spur your interest in collecting these plants.

This fascinating program is based on sound horticultural principles for for the best cactus care. Our technical advisors on this program were Dan Lassanske, professor of horticulture at California Polytechnic State University and Rob Skillen, a dedicated cactus collector and researcher who has traveled the world extensively to study cacti. Mr. Skillen serves on the board of the Cacti and Succulent Society of America. These guys know what they are talking about and you get the benefit of their knowledge.

Closed captioned for the hearing impared with English subtitles available. 21 minutes.

Those Captivating CactiDVD, 21 minutes

Success With Succulents - DVD, 23 minutes

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